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“Torrance Our Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers will fight hard to get you the compensation that you deserve in an abuse or neglect case.  It is important to be weary of any law firm that handles all types of personal injury and is not dedicated to Torrance Nursing Home Abuse.

Torrance nursing homes are required to maintain certain standards in regards to the daily care that residents receive. These include requirements regarding the following hygiene issues:

1) Personal Hygiene
Every resident at a Torrance nursing home should receive a bath or shower on a regular schedule as often as needed to maintain good personal hygiene. Residents that have incontinence issues should be changed regularly, washed, and linens should be changed. Caretakers should assist residents that require assistance grooming themselves (ie. shaving, brushing hair, brushing teeth).

2) Proper Prevention and Treatment of Bedsores

Nursing home residents are very susceptible to bedsores which can develop when an individual stays in the same position fro a prolonged period. Torrance nursing home staff should frequently change the position of residents who are confined to their bed or wheelchair. Individuals in wheelchairs should be repositioned every 15 minutes. Individuals confined to bed should be repositioned every two hours.

3) Safety
Residents with mobility problems should receive assistance walking. Residents must wear appropriate footwear at all time to avoid Falls. The fall risk of every resident should be assessed and safety measures should be put in place to prevent injury. If safety is in question, a Torrance nursing home abuse lawyer should be contacted.

If the Torrance nursing home in which you or a loved one live has failed to provide proper care, you may be entitled to legal compensation.  Injuries resulting from wandering and falls are serious and could be fatal.  At our Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Firm, we concentrate on representing clients who have suffered abuse or neglect in a Torrance Nursing Home. As our client, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality legal representation from attorneys that are leaders in the field of Elder Abuse. Our attorneys care about your health and safety. Please call us today for a Free Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Case Consultation.

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