Bedsores in Torrance Nursing Homes

“Torrance Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, are skin lesions that occur from a person being immobile for long periods of time. This is usually in cases of patients that are confined to a bed and are left unmoved for hours or even days. Bedsores are easily prevented by moving a patient every two hours and keeping the patient in sanitary conditions.

If a loved one has developed bedsores or pressure sores it is imperative that they seek medical attention immediately. You should also consult with a qualified Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Attorney who can investigate why the nursing home patient was left immobile long enough to develop this serious condition.

If a Torrance nursing home patient has died from complications of a bedsore, such as blood poisoning, infection or bone disease, then you may be able to bring a wrongful death suit if the nursing home was negligent in their care of the patient. Once you notice a bedsore beginning to form, is vital to take action immediately so that death is not a result.

Contact our team of experienced Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys if you believe that a loved one has developed bedsores. Remember that bedsores most often develop where there is pressure on a bony portion of the body including the hip, back and shoulder. Bedsores may not be completely evident at first sight, so check your loved one in sensitive areas. For more information on nursing home abuse and neglect fill out our free online Torrance Nursing Home Abuse case evaluation now.