Nursing Home – Elder Abuse with Falling

“Torrance Falling at an Torrance nursing home can be a serious health risk for any elderly resident as they could become susceptible to bruises, broken bones or future injuries.  Elder abuse can include anything from financial abuse to physical and when a nursing home resident falls while they are supposed to be taken care of, the nursing home may be held liable.

When an elderly individual entrust their care to a nursing home, the home’s staff, doctors and nurses have an obligation to protect that resident. This includes making sure that the resident has assistance when getting in and out of bed or any time that they may need additional assistance with mobility and it is especially important for individuals who are bedridden or confined to a wheelchair .

Unfortunately, many elderly individuals and their family members do not realize that falling can be due to elder abuse and because of this, many of these cases go without being reported. It is important to know that if your loved one has fallen, they deserve to be taken care of properly and we will fight hard to get the home to be penalized. Contact our Torrance Elder Abuse Attorneys today for more information.