Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions


What are some signs of nursing home abuse in Torrance?

There are a number of different signs you can look for when deal with Torrance nursing home abuse. Physical abuse signs could be bruising and wounds, unexplained injuries or over/under-medicating. Emotional/verbal abuse signs may include a patient becoming withdrawn and agitated or displaying unusual behaviors. For neglect, you may see unclean and unsanitary conditions, new infections or even poor access to medical centers. If you suspect any of these forms of abuse, you should contact a Torrance nursing home abuse lawyer.

What should I do if I suspect Torrance nursing home abuse?

You should always contact the Torrance police department if there is a possible emergency with your Torrance nursing home abuse situation. You should also contact a Torrance nursing home abuse law firm to help you to take action on the elder abuse case. You want to act as quickly as possible so that you can prevent any further abuse.

Where can elder abuse occur?

Torrance elder abuse can occur anywhere, but it is most common at Torrance nursing homes where staff may not be properly trained or the facility is not fully staffed.

What are bedsores?

Bedsores, or pressure ulcers, are a result from unrelieved pressure, friction, humidity, shearing forces, temperature, age and continence.. Bedsores can appear anywhere on the body and can be fatal when left untreated. If you notice that a loved one at a Torrance nursing home has bedsores, contact our Torrance elder abuse law firm immediately to prevent the person from any more pain and suffering.

Do I need a Torrance elder abuse lawyer?

Torrance elder abuse cases can be very complicated because you are dealing with insurance companies and nursing homes who have unlimited resources and attorneys to fight against your claims. You will need a Torrance elder abuse lawyer on you side to help you compile the information you need for your case and to present it in the best manner. If you are successful with your Torrance nursing home abuse case, attorney’s fees will be included in the amount you are awarded. It’s important to have a Torrance law firm on your side to help you through this difficult and emotional time.