How You Can Help

“Torrance Elder abuse can occur at any Torrance nursing home and come in any form including financial, physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and even neglect. Elder abuse in any form can cause serious health risks and should be taken seriously.

If you suspected elder abuse at an Torrance nursing home, report the incident with the nursing home’s administrative staff as well as the local police department. To take the case to court, contact a leading Torrance Elder Abuse Attorney; we will provide you with legal advice as well as answer any questions you may have. We will fight for the victim to receive the compensation that they deserve and to ensure that the nursing home is held liable for their actions.

Discovering Torrance Nursing Home Abuse

We understand how difficult it may be to discover elder abuse. Whether it is a friend or a loved one, an elder individual should never have to be put through any type of abuse.  By learning the signs of elder abuse, you could quickly spot and stop the abuse from continuing. Signs such as visible bruises or injuries or behavioral changes can indicate that the elderly might be a victim of Torrance elder abuse. By acting immediately, you could prevent any future abuse as well as assist the victim in gaining back their self-esteem and getting the care that they need.