Elder Abuse Nursing Home Patient’s Rights

“Torrance Nursing home’s have a legal obligation to provide their patients with a written bill that explains the nursing home patient’s rights.  Both the resident and their family member should know that once the home fails to abide by these rules, they could be held liable.

As a resident of a Torrance nursing home facility, patient’s rights include the right to clean and sanitary living quarters, dignity and privacy during bathing or medical treatments, proper care with any type of abuse and the right to contact an ombudsman or legal service provider.

When to contact an Elder Abuse Lawyer

If you have been abused or have had your patient right’s violated, it is important that you contact a knowledgeable Torrance Elder Abuse Attorney.  We will provide you with answers to your questions, inform you of any elder abuse laws that may pertain to your case and will ensure that the nursing home is held accountable for their actions.