Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Torrance


If you have a loved one in a Torrance nursing home you need to remain in constant contact with them and watch out for warning signs.  Too often seniors are unwilling or unable to speak out against wrongdoers.  It is up to family members and friends to keep a close eye on them and look out for their health and safety.

Physical Abuse in Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Physical abuse in a Torrance Elder Abuse case is perhaps the most easily identified sign since there is often bruising or markings on the body.  Signs of physical abuse include unexplained injuries such as broken bones or lacerations.  Many times nursing homes that are ill-equipped to deal with patients will use unreasonable physical restraints leaving marks around the wrists and ankles.  Finally, any open wounds, cuts, bruises or welts should be immediately investigated as they may be signs of slapping, beating or shaking.  If any of these physical signs are evident the first phone call you should make is to a leading Torrance Elder Abuse Lawyer.

Torrance Elder Abuse Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse in Torrance Nursing Home Abuse cases is a little more difficult to notice since it generally involves a change in the senior’s behavior or attitude.  If your loved one is withdrawn or depressed it may be a sign of emotional abuse or verbal attacks.  If the Torrance Nursing Home resident begins to act out in unusual or uncharacteristic ways such as being upset or even violent, you need to consult with a Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer who understands nursing home abuse and will fight hard to get the compensation you deserve.

There are a number of signs in Torrance Nursing Home Abuse, but the best way to tell if something is wrong is by observing your loved one and noting any changes.  Weight loss or weight gain, change in physical condition or confidence can all be warning signs of abuse or neglect, so don’t wait to act.  If you notice any changes in your loved one, be sure to contact a dedicated Torrance Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer.